Flash fiction? Perils of Dumpster Diving

“What did you find in there?” asked Raus, standing at the top of the fence.

Kaila, with black and white long hair, slashed open the trash bag and peered in.  “I smell chicken.”

“Tain’t chicken,” said Line, larger than the both of them.  “Steak, it’s steak!”

Mara stepped gingerly around the mess on the other side of the trash can.  “I think it’s chicken.”

“I swear,” said Raus, moving over to Kaila’s side and nudging her out of the way.  Kaila, light on her feet, used her tail for balance and kept on the edge of the plastic trash can.

She slashed open a different spot and looked inside, seeing a chicken bone.  “Ah ha!” she cried in triumph, yanking out the half-eaten drumstick with her teeth.  It was covered in ketchup, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Line moved forward, but Kalia hissed at him.  Uran’s ears pointed down.  “Kaila, I ain’t had anyting in tree days.”

“Find the steak you smell, you big tomcat,” she said.

Line jumped up onto the trash, not the can, he was too big for that.  He didn’t have claws to slash open the trash, and looked around for aid.  “C’mon guys, you know I can’ do tis by myself.”

“Fine, fine,” said Mara, her large white tail swishing.  She never liked to step into water, so she leapt onto the top of the trash bag and slashed it open for him.

“Mmmm!”  He dove head first into the bag.

Mara gave a disgusted snort and licked her paw clean.

Then, the porch light went on.  Raus lifted his head.  “RUN!”

All four of them tried to scamper over the fence.  Uran yanked his head out, his mouth with a steak, and then he saw it.


He turned from the trash can, but he was too big, too slow, and the pit bull dove right at him, grabbing him by the neck.  He swung the cat back, away from the fence while the rest of the cats ran, out into the woods beyond the fence.

“Mommy!  Jake killded a kitty!”

Go here for the inspiration of this.  I first read “casts” as “cats”  and the ending came from a story I was told.

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