Young Adult

Grimaulkin: Demon (cover)

Grimaulkin: Demon
by L. Jacob

As if being a teenager and gay weren't bad enough, a young man discovers that he is a natural dark mage. Instead of going all emo over it, he embraces his ability to learn as much as he can, regardless of the collateral damage.

Michael Lebonte was always a small boy. That, combined with his natural intelligence and love of books, makes him a perfect target for bullies.

One of the books he memorizes is the Key of Solomon, a book of black magic and demon summoning. With his "crazy" aunt's help, he summons a minor demon to exact revenge on one of his tormentors. When that doesn't work quite right, he decides to not ever summon demons again—until his boyfriend is arrested.

Summoning the demon Beliall, the creature is let loose upon Connecticut, sowing destruction. Soon after, two men come to his school looking for him. They are from the Rosicrucians, trainers of wizards. After informing Michael they had cleaned up the mess Beliall made, and impressed with Michael's abilities, they offer him membership in their special academy.

He accepts the membership and attends the academy. However, he soon grows disgusted by the ever-changing rules, and grows even more frustrated when denied to learn more advanced magic. Surrendering to his anger over this and his boyfriend's "Dear John" letter, he makes a deal with an unknown, more powerful, and dangerous demon that even the Rosicrucians cannot control.


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