Science Fiction

Wild Angels (cover)

Wild Angels
by Steven Radecki

What if you could go back in time and save the world from its mistakes?

A team of chrononauts (time explorers) accidentally get trapped in the past—our present. In the days following the accident, the members of the team have gotten separated. One of the team, however, seems unwilling to be found. In fact, some of the evidence involving the murder of a young girl implicates the missing team member.

Their main computer system (a simple, portable AI) has been damaged. Part of its memory has become corrupted and most likely irretrievable. Most of the damaged memory involves the present time. The team leader begins to suspect whether the information and advice with which the computer has been providing them is accurate and valid. The team tries to return to their own time and, at the same time, stay out of history's way. With the computer damaged, they cannot even be certain what key events they might potentially be influencing by their very presence.

Soul of the Machine (cover)

Soul of the Machine
by Steven Radecki

What if you awoke to find that you were something other than human?

Nicholas Jorgensen awakens to find that he can no longer see or hear. He has no memory of the actual event that led to his condition, but recalls nearly all of the events from his part nearly up to the point when it must have happened. What he does not know, but comes to learn, is that only his brain survived the trauma of the automobile accident that later claimed the life of his father.

Through the efforts of several research scientists and other specialists, he regains contact with the outside, including the creation of a cybernetic exoskeleton that allows him to walk again. The recreation of his body is only part of his battle to regain his lost humanity. Along the way, he also needs to rediscover his heart. Follow Nicholas Jorgenson's personal journey as he learns to live as something no longer human, even as his spirit remains so.

Emerald Flight (cover)

Emerald Flight: Past Imperfect
by Steven Radecki

What if you discovered that you could change the past—and your future?

The Emerald Flight has been chosen to test a new prototype of the Raynes-class faster-than-light slipstream drive. The story opens as the ship drops dramatically back into normal space. Engineering reports that the prototype drive has failed and suffered damage. It then quickly becomes clear that the ship and crew have traveled not only a considerable distance, but also in time. They have arrived in the late twenty-first century, before the accidental discovery of the slipstream effect.

Captain Devereux takes a team of three other crewmembers with her with the plan to establish contact with the inventors of the slipstream drive. She hopes that they can construct the parts that she needs in order to make repairs to their own so that they can return home. Things go pretty much as planned until they discover something they did not expect: the time period they have arrived in is not that of their own past. There are subtle differences, the key one being that the two brothers who invented the drive have swapped personalities from what was recorded in the Emerald Flight's own past.