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Lùa photoEver since she was little, Lùa have been singing and performing, showing everybody that she wanted to go somewhere in life. At age 9, she was one of the founding singers for a church choir in her home country of Denmark, a choir in which she sang until she went to boarding school to study music for two years. When she returned home at the age of sixteen, she was accepted into the National choir, singing alongside other young choristers, both boys and girls, aged between twelve and twenty-two. All these singers have been hand selected by the conductor and producers of the choir. Then followed two years of traveling with the choir, making at least nine trips a year, learning a new repertoire with each concert, both classic and modern.

In January 2013, she made contact with A-List producer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer from Sony Music on Facebook. They then started talking about music, samples were sent back and forth until, finally, she decided that she wanted to work with him. The road however, was not easy, as her dad Peder was very skeptical as to if the whole thing was plausible. Lùa convinced him though, and this finally led to the writing and producing of Dream Killer.

In June, she went to California on her own to record with Bruce Vanderveer and his fiance Ebony Cunningham, who had written the song. She spent the entire time, both in and out of the studio, practicing. After four days in LA, the song was then done, and she traveled to Canada where she spent the rest of the summer.

Back home in Denmark, the fun began. The Golden Master edition was in production and she put together a team of people who could help with the release of the single, consisting of friends and family from all over the world.

Lùa is an 18-year-old girl originating from Denmark, a small country in the middle of Europe. She has always wanted to sing and let people hear her voice and heart in the songs, and after meeting Bruce Vanderveer, her dream has finally come true.

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